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Light blazers look very elegant in a formal ambience childrens fashion clothing and since jackets and sweatshirts are a no-no during summers, blazers take a very classy look forward and go with jeans pretty well. They are versatile and give a sophisticated look all the while being very trendy, giving out the summer-vibe.
Trends keep changing and so would your daughter as she grows up. It is necessary (and a lot of fun) to help her grow stylish and wonderful so that she could create her own fashion in the long run. Summer trends would only last a season but your daughter’s sense of trend would complement her throughout her life.
Fashion is the vehicle people use to express who they are and who they would like to be. Today, the ever-changing world of fashion is one of the greatest economic forces in the world and the fashion industry provides careers for millions of individuals in design, manufacturing, retailing, marketing, advertising, publishing and many auxiliary services. It is both creative and scientific, with careers at every point in between.
During this exciting three-week course students will try on many roles including fashion designer, stylist, product development specialist, buyer, and fashion show director. One half of the course work focuses on the business side of fashion and the other half focuses upon design. Participants also learn how to publicize the fashion show and to create the program.
Each day of the three-week session will start with a morning of merchandising. Students will learn about the various segments of the fashion business and about possible careers in the fashion industry. Activities will include a product development project based on visits to retail establishments; creation of an inspiration board; and organizing, producing, and promoting the fashion show to be held on the last day of the Intensive. Students will have an opportunity to learn about the business side of fashion and how merchandisers contribute to the world of fashion through, not only their creativity, but also their abilities to plan, analyze, and operate as leaders in the fashion industry. Students will have an opportunity to explore their own desires to become fashion industry leaders and executives.
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