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Day One: The laidback family day
Fashion psychologist Dawnn-Karen told me that there are two different types of getting dressed: mood illustration dress - 'wearing sweatpants because you're in a negative mood' - and mood enhancement dress - 'wearing heels when you would like to get out of a mood'.
She says that wearing sexy underwear falls firmly into the mood enhancement camp, boosting our emotional state and allowing us to feel sexy and more confident.
But the only way to find out if that's legit is an experiment.
So, for one week, I committed to wearing a different set of matching sexy underwear every day, to see how it made me feel.
Now, if I were ranking scenarios in terms of 'yep, definitely need fancy pants for that', hanging out with my mum would be pretty low on the list. But for this experiment, I didn't just want to see if matching underwear is good for making me feel sexy on dates - I wanted to see how it would make me feel to become a matching underwear person, wearing cute bras and thongs in everyday life.