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Runescape Shattered Worlds, a new single player combat minigame, will be released on May 2, Tuesday. In this minigame, players will be rewarded Sigils, Sigil Slot, Slayer Masks and more. Here, we not only have cheap OSRS gold for sale, but also give you the details of Shatter Worlds rewards.
Basic info of Runescape Shattered Worlds
1. Runescape Shattered Worlds is a new single-player combat minigame. Multi-player combat may be allowed in the future.
2. It is located the swamps south of Lumbridge.
3. Shatter Worlds release date: May 2, 2017.
4. Loot: anima currency, used to buy Sigils, Slayer Masks, pets and other rewards.
1. Members only
2. There’s no hard level requirement. But you had better reach a minimum of level 40 in your sombat style.
3. In this minigame, the strict limit is 4000 floors.
Main factors in Shattered Worlds
1. Temple Knights and Void knights have teamed up to form the Abyssal Knights.
2. In your process, you need to stack up as many mutators as possible, for each mutator can affect the gameplay in the next world.
3. As the World number increases, the difficulty increases.
4. Safe death. Logging out will directly the run and act like you die.
Items on offer in Shattered Worlds
Anima is the only currency on Shattered Worlds, which can be used to purchase the following items:
1. Sigils which occupy a brand-new equipments slot give effects like Slayer XP boosting and forcing creatures to be aggressive. They are Sigil of Slaying, Ferocious Sigil, and Aggression Sigil.
2. New abilities, like Bladed Dive Ability for dual-wielding melee, and Salt the Wound ability for ranged.
3. A new pet with 9 evolution stages.
4. You can also purchase Slayer Masks in this minigame.
In addition, there are also other items on offer, like Abyssal Knight’s Armour, Abyssal Slayer Contract, and Huge Slayer XP Lamp.
Runescape Shattered Worlds minigame is just in the corner. Dare you meet the challenges by yourself? Whether you want to push your limits, or just do for the sought-after rewards, we are here to give you help all the time. Now there is cheap runescape gold for sale with up to 10% bonus on our site. Good luck in Shattered Worlds.
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