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This lingerie may not be too Sexy Clubwear comfortable, but would certainly give you support.
Artist Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch has Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie
created this stunning range of underwear made out of recycled soda cans.
The incredible creations include a bustier, garter and panties. Each piece took around two days to complete.
Recycled: Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch makes her underwear and lingerie collection out of recycled soda cans
The artist from Needham, Massachusetts, was inspired while walking along the beach when she got the idea to collect pieces of trash and weave them together.
Ms Goldbloom Bloch made the fifteen pieces of underwear art by cutting strips of aluminium from soda cans and weaving them together.
RELATED ARTICLES Previous1NextVisit the artist's website Share this articleShare She used gutter guards, rivets, washers and washing machine hose clamps to finish them off.
The collections is appropriately called 'Trashy lingerie'.
While the pieces do not look like they would be comfortable to wear, Ms Goldbloom Bloch explained that they are designed to be displayed and not worn,
Ms Goldbloom Bloch also makes teapots and jewellery, and has just finished a series of business ties made out of business cards and a quilt made out of tampons.
Underwear: She also uses gutter guards, rivets, washers, and washing machine hose clamps from the hardware store to complete her creations
Bra: The artist said she was inspired while walking along a beach and looking at the trash
Amazing detail: The woven Coca Cola cans can be seen on the pieces
Art: The collection is appropriately called 'Trashy Lingerie'
Sunkist: The underwear is not designed to be worn
Trash: It took hours to turn the old soda cans into the garments
Knickers: The artist has been working on other pieces including a quilt made from tampons
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