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Sean Ashby: corset style bra I think in the very early days when I was selling online, the most common thing a person in Australia said to me is, "You must be very disappointed you're not selling in David Jones." Or "You're not selling in Pitt Street in Sydney. And selling online." And by this stage, e-commerce was picking up overseas. But it wasn't until the likes of Kylie Minogue and featured in her video that was shot in Spain, and also Selfridges and Harvey Nichols and Harrods and names, names, names. I think Australians actually look up to what's happening overseas more than what's happening here. And because a lot of our brands are cannibalised by global brands, we actually put them a few notches above. But when you see an Australian brand successful overseas, that's when an Australian accepts the brand as being theirs, and it starts to get a name of being recognised as iconic, as our brand is now. Also being recognised with value, so there's a commodity to it.
Adam womens bikinis sale Zuchetti: Did you actually actively go overseas first?
Sean Ashby: No. Everything was suit underwear online, so for me ... And also I didn't have the money at that time to have that luxury. So I was literally selling and producing something Australian, but I didn't realise that the world was so in love with Australia and they just wanted a piece of it. That piece, when they're watched a video or seen an image, that piece is I can get this swimwear I've just seen. And I can wear that to the beach in Brighton, for example, in London or in Germany. I think that's inherently how the brand has grown.
Andy Scott: It's interesting that you mention how people vbrsevb44th have an image of Australia overseas. Obviously as someone who moved from England about 17 years ago, I too, had a very clear image of what Australia was. I knew that Foster's Lager was the lager that everyone in Australia drank because Hoggs had sold it to you, you know, and that's how it was. Did you find ... When did you realise that that's what sold overseas and that that's possibly something that you should ... I suppose -
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