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Andy Scott: Did you find wholesale halloween costumes something that had worked so successfully overseas,
That bringing that wholesale swimwear back to the Australian market where it possibly didn't stand out as much was a problem and have you had to change how you market, perhaps, aussieBum within this country?
Sean Ashby: Interesting swimwear manufacturer point. Because of the way that I market the brand, and when we think global, and in different countries people have, call it different tolerances for different ways of marketing. Australia is very conservative. Now myself, I'm very colourful and we're selling swimwear, selling underwear, so it's cheeky, it's sexy. And because it's the male form I'm going for it because that's what sells the product. Now in Australia, we're not used to that. So when they started to get a taste of my marketing and with the brand, it was automatically pigeonholed as "Oh, you know, that's just a little bit too ... No, no, no, no."
What's interesting is that there are billboards vbrsevb44th that we run in the U.K., Germany and L.A. that run without any incident. In Australia we're not even allowed to put those images up, because they feel that people will find it offensive, which I find ridiculous. Today it's matured a little bit more and we've got a bus campaign for example running, and there's a man with a pair of underwear and he's very beautiful. The Australians are warming to that more. So I think if anything coming back to Australia people just weren't prepared for here is an international brand and here is how it's marketed. And it's marketed uniquely. So we don't look like Bonds, we don't look like Calvin Klein. That also is I think what created concerns. At the same time, that's what people love about it is the fact that that's aussieBum, it's always been cheeky, it's always been out there. It's very proud of its origins and it won't change simply because different people have different values.
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