To organize free Medical Camps, Health Walks and Seminars on the occasion of International Health Day.

To offer Health Discount Cards,COVERAGE Card (With more than TWO thousand members).

To provide Blood Pressure Machine, Blood Sugar Machine, Nebulizer, Wheel Chairs and other Medical/ Surgical Equipment on special discount.

After the success of Silver Card, Now COVERAGE CARD is proudly introducing COVERAGE Card, which is unique of its kind.

Now easily visit Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Labs & Diagnostic centers, Gym & Fitness clubs, Beauty Salons, Medical & Cosmetics Stores, Hotels and Motels, Because, COVERAGE Card is offering special discount to customers and their family members. You can get free home delivery of Medical and Surgical Items on just one phone call, as well. In this regard, COVERAGE Card’s inauguration ceremony is going to be organized soon.

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TODAY LOGIN proudly announces COVERAGE CARD which is unique in it’s kind . It is accepted by Labs and Diagnostics centers, Hospitals, Health clinics, Gym and fitness club, beauty parlors, saloons and also accepted by Hotels, ,restaurants, coffee shop & more.

COVERAGE CARD has over 100 panels where it is accepted. Card members also avail discount facility of medical equipment purchasing like Blood pressure monitor, Sugar test machine, Glucometer ,Nebulizer ,Wheelchair etc. COVERAGE CARD.

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state of the art medical diagnostic equipment.

our professional ethics and management.

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